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Born in Chicago, no brothers or sisters. Peyton as a small child studied piano at the Conservatory of Music in Chicago, and percussion with a private teacher.

"I first discovered pop music at a garage sale. I bought 45's, I guess most kids don't know what those were, (For those who don't ... they were small vinyl phonograph records.) I had a friend whose father had a stereo, a big deal for those days, and would just play those records over and over. Before that, as a very young child, I would sing the commercials on TV; tire commercials, soda pop, anything that had a Jingle"

At church, we had a lady who would sing to us, I thought it was great. All the kids would complain, I just loved the music. You couldn’t tell anybody that you liked the music, they would have thought you were crazy.”

“It was all Elvis, and then of-course the Beatles. I think once you are touched by the music bug it’s tough to shake.”

“Fast forward… I went to University, got a small Scholarship to play for the University of Miami, Marching band, yes … marching band. They’re a great bunch, but because of concerns for my hearing, I had to let it go. Though, I was invited to participate in the percussion department. Ironically, enough I was A Business Economics Major… go figure…”

“Transferred to The University of Southern California, graduate studies in Recording Arts… I'm always trying to learn more  about our world, … funny growing up I was dyslexic, … But, if you're lucky… something will click… it gets better … So to those struggling, DON’T QUIT!”

“I worked in various music groups and productions, settling back to Florida…”

“I now call Phoenix, Arizona my home. Thought, I doubt I’II be spending much time here…”

Not with standing the covid 19 pandemic.


“My music and the Stories I write … are real, in as much as they relate to my past 'trials and tribulations’ are my own.'


It would be great to plan my songs or my story’s, but, like many writers, I tend to write about emotion, mostly mine I suppose … Some sad, happy, and yes, … even confused. Lol (Laugh out Loud.)


“To all who read this: my … I hope you enjoy the songs and film ( when it comes out) … and find joy in all that you do.” More to come…



Peyton James

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Phoenix, Arizona United States of America

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